About the site

Welcome to StreetPhoto24.com,

In this site, you will see a selection of pictures taken on the fly in cities, the cities where I live and where I travel. You will see, most of the pictures have been taken in the Netherlands, especially in Almere. There are also albums about French cities and a few ones outside Europe.

Why do I like to take street photography’s? Simply because the cities are continually changing and there is always something to discover in the streets and on the public places. Almost all photographs have been made with a Sony Alpha 65 camera and with a 50mm lens.

Why to publish my pictures on internet? The reasons are that I like to share them and that I will be happy to get feedback from you and the other viewers. Although I have been photographing for more than 12 years, I still have to improve a lot and your comments will be welcome.

Visit the albums by clicking cities that your prefer, and enjoy.


Philippe Lechevallier
Philippe Lechevallier