6 Cities in North Germany

Below, photos of 6 North German cities that we visited within one week.

One Day in Hamburg, North Germany


In this album, there are photos of the downtown, of a few famous buildings and of some pieces of art – the metallic statues pay the attention of the tourists -, as well as photos of the harbor with the warehouses. Interesting is that the old warehouses are still used, importers of exotic product are very active there. In the Deichstraße (Dike street) you will remark the restaurants …

One Day in Lübeck, North Germany


Lübeck, this middle-sized city is incredibly beautiful. In the downtown, most of the buildings are brick buildings – you can’t miss the Holstentor (Holsten Gate) – , also many houses are painted in warm colors. In Lübeck there are roses and hollyhocks in all streets. The harbor is naturally not so huge as the harbor of Hamburg, however it is interesting to see it from a boat on the Trave river.

One Day in Travemünde, North Germany


Travemünde is a small town 15 km from Lübeck at the seaside. At Travemünde people as well as the seagulls enjoy their breakfast on the terraces along the avenue (seagull above). The beach on the Baltic Sea seaside is really funny. There are wicker beach chairs everywhere, the sea is abnormally quiet and is not deep at all. It could be a swimming pool.

One Day in Wismar, North Germany


Wismar is located 45 km east from Travemünde. In Wismar you can enjoy the fishing harbor, you get a panorama of the city and surroundings from the viewing platform up the tower of the Georgen church. Be careful if you buy a sandwich on the harbor, the seagulls will steal the pieces of fish inside. Near Wismar the small beaches and harbors on the Insel Poel (Poel Island) merits to be seen.

Two Days in Schwerin, North Germany


Schwerin is the most impressive city of all. The Renaissance style castle is so huge ! I never imagined before that such a castle could exist in North Germany. In Schwerin, the administrative buildings are neo classic style buildings, they are almost as impressive as the castle. Naturally having a walk in the downtown of Schwerin is very pleasant.

One Day in Bremen, North Germany


The first that you want to see in Bremen is the “Four Musicians of Bremen” statue. Interesting is that Bremen is totally different of the 5 cities before – you could compare it with Antwerp -. Especially the smallest streets in the “Schnoor” district are surprising – so small! -. We got heavy rain during the lunch on a terrace on the Market Place, it was amazing to see how people must protect themselves within a few minutes.

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