A Walk at Lake Aasee, Münster, on a Winter Afternoon

A walk on the Aasee lake, in Münster, on a winter afternoon, a time to enjoy the sunshine and to see a lot of things and people. We are still in the corona time, the people of Münster have nothing else to do on this winter afternoon, so they go to the Aasee. It is logic, it is a Sunday afternoon. They are sitting on the terrace and have a hot drink or the eat an ice cream. Crazy to eat an ice with this 3 degrees temperature! Some people are sitting on the lakeside to look at the water or to have a romantic conversation. The last ones are young people.

Most people go for a walk around the Aasee lake, a walk of 8 kilometres. So many people that there were almost traffic jams. With so many people it was difficult to keep the regulation distance of 1.5 metres. In the middle of the afternoon they enjoy the sunshine around the Aasee lake, especially from the other side of Lake Aasee, 2 kilometres away. At this time of the day il was the best place to enjoy the sun.

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