A Few Amazing Houses in Almere, Netherlands

A few amazing houses in Almere, Netherlands. There are amazing houses everywhere in the city. If you visit Almere, you are sure to see houses that you have never seen before. These ones are located in the Noordplassen district.
Look! Some inhabitants decorate their entrance on an funny way, elephants or pumpkins. One of the houses is so extremely dark! If you want to be depressed until the end of your life, go and live inside. The house near likes to be a mortuarium. Luckily the neighbours put a snowman in their yard some meters further, it brings a little smile in the area.
Also look at the bright blue house in the middle of the other dull coloured ones. What is this house doing in this neighbourhood? Also look at the last house with an extremely wide hedge. Imagine how the owner trims it.

Other amazing houses and buildings:


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