Detmold, City, Surroundings and Hermann Monument

The city center of Detmold is worth a visit and the Hermann monument a few kilometers away gives the opportunity to remember a part of Germanic history.

The Hermannsdenkmal (Hermann monument) stands on the densely wooded Teutberg mountain, which rises to 386 meters, in the center of the circular fortification of Grotenburg. The statue measures 24.82 meters, plus 28.62 meters of base, making a total height of 53.44 meters.

The monument celebrates the Cheruscan warlord Arminius (called Hermann in German) and the Battle of the Teutberg Forest, in which the Germanic tribes under Arminius’ command decisively defeated three Roman legions of Varus in the year 9 AD.

The following inscription appears on the monument: German unity (is) my strength – my strength (is) the power of Germany.

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