About the Streetphoto24.com blog

Welcome to StreetPhoto24.com,

In this site, you will see a selection of photos taken on the fly in cities, the cities where I live and where I travel. You will see, most of the pictures have been taken in Germany, in the Netherlands and in France. I took the most recent photos in Normandy (France) and in Münster (Germany). France and Germany are the countries where I was born and where i am currently living.

Why do I like to take street photography’s? Simply because I like the cities and the cities that are continually changing. I also Iike to always discover in the streets and on the public places. I make photographs with a Sony Alpha 65 camera and with a 50mm lens.

Why to publish my pictures on internet? The reasons are that I like to share them and that I will be happy to get feedback from you and the other viewers. I have been photographing for more than 12 years and I still have to improve a lot and your comments will be welcome.

Visit the albums by clicking cities that your prefer and enjoy them.


Philippe Lechevallier

Look at this album for example:  Foreshore on the Beach of Carteret/

Or look at the coming events at Münster, the city where I am living: Events and dates