Hidden Gems of Corsica: Bonifacio and Sartène’s Ancient Streets

Hidden-Gems-of-Corsica-Bonifacio-and-Sartenes-Ancient-Streets. Discover the Hidden Gems of Corsica: Bonifacio and Sartène’s Ancient Streets. Nestled in the heart of Corsica, the ancient towns of Bonifacio and Sartène offer a captivating glimpse into the island’s rich history. These picturesque destinations are renowned for their narrow, winding streets that transport visitors back in time.As you wander through the old towns of Bonifacio and Sartène, you’ll be struck by the authenticity of their medieval architecture: ancient doors: Many of the doors lining these streets are as old as the pathways themselves, bearing witness to centuries of Corsican life, steep staircases: The town’s staircases are so steep they rival miller’s ladders, adding to the unique charm and character of these historic settlements.

Bonifacio: A Cliffside MarvelPerched dramatically atop limestone cliffs, Bonifacio boasts: a stunning citadel with panoramic views of the Mediterranean, a maze-like old town filled with artisan shops and local eateries, the famous King of Aragon’s Staircase, carved into the cliff face.

Sartène: The Most Corsican of Corsican TownsOften called “the most Corsican of Corsican towns,” Sartène features: imposing granite buildings that speak to its turbulent history, a central square perfect for people-watching and sipping local wine, the nearby prehistoric site of Filitosa, adding depth to your Corsican adventure.

Both Bonifacio and Sartène offer visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time and experience the authentic charm of Corsica. As you explore their ancient streets, you’ll discover a world where history is etched into every stone and every weathered door tells a story.For history enthusiasts, photography lovers, and those seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience, these two Corsican gems should not be missed. Their well-preserved old towns provide a stark contrast to the island’s beautiful beaches and rugged landscapes, making them essential stops on any Corsican itinerary.

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