The Harbour, the Beach, the Corniche and the Cape of Carteret

A wonderful walk in Carteret, enjoying the beautiful weather and scenic views. Carteret is a charming coastal town with a lot to offer. Here’s a bit more information about these places:

Harbour of Carteret: The fishing harbour of Carteret is likely a picturesque spot where you can see fishing boats and perhaps even buy some fresh seafood. The view of the cape, marina, and dunes of Barneville adds to its charm.

Beach of Carteret (Potinière Beach): The beach at Carteret, also known as Potinière Beach, seems like a popular destination for both locals and tourists, especially on sunny Sundays. It’s a great place to relax, take a walk, and enjoy the stunning blue sea.

Corniche in Carteret: The Corniche in Carteret appears to be a scenic coastal road or path offering breathtaking views of various beaches, including La Potinière Beach and Barneville Beach. The mention of a leaning tree adds a unique character to the place.

Cap of Carteret: The Cap of Carteret offers a panoramic view of the sea, expansive beaches such as Vieille Eglise and Hatainville, and the surrounding dunes. The reference to the old church on the north side suggests there may be historical or cultural attractions in the area as well.