La Mer de Sable of Carteret

La Mer de Sable of Carteret (The Sand Sea of Carteret). We discovered these dunes between the cape of Carteret and the beach of Hatainville. This is a huge area. There you can see a lot of things, of course dunes as far as the eye can see, but also a forest of conifers – the trees are about a hundred years old, they are all leaning because they have undergone all the storms for 100 years. From the top of the dunes you have a great view of the beach and of the sea. There are a lot of burrows in the dunes – there must be a lot of rabbits as well as some foxes there.

On the last picture there is some more information about this dune area.

If you continue towards the south of the dunes you will arrive at the beach of Carteret and if you continue towards the north you will arrive at the beach of Hatainville.

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