The Hague in Normandy at the west Coast of Cherbourg

Even if you have already seen The Hague in the North of the Cotentin 1000 times you still enjoy visiting it. Compare it to Ireland. To go there, you have to drive on the west coast of Cherbourg at the North West of the Cotentin. When you are on place you appreciate the wild countryside as well as the small villages. You specially enjoy the dunes of Biville, the “Nez de Jobourg” and the “Cap de la Hague”. Look at the photos of The Hague in the North of the Cotentin below to admire the huge dunes of Biville, to see the sea 128 meters below the “Nez de Jobourg” and to see the horizon from the “Cap de la Hague”.

Also have a look at this album. You will see photos of The Hague in foggy weather, a picture of the landscape. The Cap de la Hague in foggy Weather

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