The Bridges above the Aasee, Münster, on a Winter Afternoon

During this walk on the Aasee Lake in Münster on a winter afternoon, I could admire the colors on the brigdes above the lake. The small bridge for pedestrians on the Adenauerallee at the beginning of the Aasee Lake was amazing. The sunshine combined with the shadows on the walls under the bridge were surprising. I had luck to be there at this time to enjoy these sun-shadow effect. You don’t often see such a light under the bridge.
The largest bridge above the Aasee Lake is the Torminbrücke, this bridge is situated in the middle of the Aasee Lake. Normally the Tornminbrücke is not beautiful, bit on this afternoon, the sunshine made it really interesting. I had never this bridge with such colors before. Remark both last photos. I made them half an later, the lights are totally different.

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