In the Streets of Rotterdam

The love padlocks on the bridge appear to be on the Willemsbrug bridge, which spans the Nieuwe Maas river in Rotterdam. The bridge has a distinctive blue color and a towering arch that provides a dramatic backdrop for the padlocks. The padlocks themselves are attached to the bridge’s railing and are of various sizes and colors, with many of them bearing inscriptions or messages.

The clothing retailer opening store is not shown in the photos, so I cannot provide a description of it.

The lost luggage near the old ferry terminal appears to be on the ground near the Erasmusbrug bridge, which is another bridge that crosses the Nieuwe Maas river. The luggage appears to be unattended and could be mistaken for discarded items.

The Christmas showcases are in the shopping district of Rotterdam and feature elaborate window displays of holiday decorations and merchandise. The displays are colorful and eye-catching, and some of them incorporate interactive elements, such as fake snow or moving figures.

Fenix Food Factory is a covered market located in the middle of the docks in Rotterdam. The market is home to a variety of passionate artisans, including a baker, a butcher, a beer manufacturer, and a cider merchant. The cider merchant at Fenix Food Factory specializes in selling cider from the Normandy region of France.