Photos taken here and there in Nantes

Exploring the center of Nantes is a delightful experience with a variety of interesting sights and attractions. Here’s a breakdown of the highlights you mentioned:

Funny Statues: These statues add a playful and artistic touch to the city. They often provide a unique way to interact with public spaces, making the environment more engaging and enjoyable.

Slide Along the Castle Wall: Sliding along a castle wall sounds like a fun and unexpected activity that adds an element of excitement to the historical surroundings. It’s a modern twist on a traditional setting.

Old Streets: Nantes’ old streets are likely full of charm and character, reflecting the city’s history and evolution. Exploring these streets can offer a sense of nostalgia and a glimpse into the past.

Jardin des Plantes: This garden seems to be a hub of creativity with its eccentric decorations. The bather doing the boarding, as you mentioned, adds a touch of whimsy and surprises visitors with its unexpected presence.

Pommeraye Passage: The Pommeraye Passage is a gem that has retained its historical charm over the decades. Its unique architecture and design create an immersive shopping experience, allowing visitors to feel like they’re stepping back in time.

Antique-Looking Shops: The combination of antique aesthetics and modern merchandise is intriguing. It creates a fusion of eras and styles, offering a distinctive shopping environment.

This album paints a vivid picture of Nantes’ center as a place where history and modernity intersect in fascinating ways. From artistic statues to historical passages and well-stocked antique-like shops, the city seems to offer a rich blend of experiences for both locals and visitors. It’s clear that Nantes has successfully preserved its historical treasures while embracing creativity and innovation.