Simple Architecture in Almere – De Eenvoud

A design challenge for a detached house with the theme of “simplicity,” but the resulting designs ended up incorporating humor, relativization, and a touch of absurdism rather than focusing solely on simplicity. Additionally, there’s a notable element of a small house with a garden that was moved from the former DDR (East Germany) and rebuilt in Almere, Netherlands. This unique addition adds a historical and cultural layer to the design concept.

The incorporation of humor, relativization, and mild absurdism suggests that the designers aimed to go beyond the literal interpretation of simplicity. Instead, they sought to engage with the concept in a thought-provoking and creative way, challenging conventional notions of what simplicity means in architecture.

The presence of a small house from the ex-DDR adds a tangible connection to history and cultural context. This house, transplanted from a different time and place, likely contrasts with the surrounding modern architecture, making a statement about the changing landscape of the area and the passage of time.

Overall, the project has taken an unconventional and imaginative approach to the concept of simplicity, using humor and historical elements to create a unique and thought-provoking design. The juxtaposition of the DDR house in the modern setting of Almere adds depth and complexity to the narrative of the project.