The Dune of Carteret, Normandy

The Dune of Carteret is a beautiful and picturesque spot for a leisurely walk. Its elevated position provides visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding area. From the top of the dune, you can see the entire Barneville-Carteret region, including the village and the harbor on the backside, and the Potinière Beach and the cape on the front side.

Walking down from the dune to the beach must be a delightful experience, allowing visitors to get up close to the sandy shores and enjoy the coastal scenery. However, it’s crucial to be cautious about the sea’s tidal patterns. As you mentioned earlier, the high tide at Carteret can be impressive, and during those times, it may not be safe to walk to the beach from the dune. It’s essential for visitors to check the tide schedule and avoid walking to the beach when the sea is high to ensure their safety.

Overall, the Dune of Carteret is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and those seeking breathtaking views of the coastal landscape in the Barneville-Carteret area.