Foreshore on the Beach of Carteret

The changing tides can significantly transform the coastal landscape and create different opportunities for activities throughout the day.

During the early afternoon when the tide was low, the beach expanded, offering ample space for walking and exploration. The fact that the sea was 2 km away suggests a substantial tidal range in the area. This must have provided a unique experience of being able to walk along the water’s edge and observe the surroundings, including the Cape of Carteret and the activities of other tourists.

As the day progressed and the tide came in, the beach area decreased in size, restricting the available space for various activities. It’s interesting to note that the main activities shifted from a range of beach-related activities, such as walking and exploring, to primarily swimming and enjoying drinks at the “La Potinière” restaurant’s terrace. This change in activities demonstrates how the natural environment, in this case, the tides, can influence the way people interact with and enjoy the beach.