The Kreuzviertelfest 2022 in Münster

The Kreuzviertelfest 2022 offered a diverse and exciting lineup of musical performances for its attendees. Here’s a brief overview of some of the featured artists and groups:

The Soulfris: A band specializing in classic soul music, offering a soulful and groovy musical experience.

Rudelsingen: An interactive musical experience where the audience sings well-known songs along with the singer. Lyrics are displayed on a giant screen, making it accessible even for those who may not know the songs.

Middle Excess: A trio that explores music from the 70s to the 90s, featuring vocals, blues harp, guitar, keyboard, and cajon in their instrumentation.

Silvia Droste: Known as the “first lady of German jazz singing,” Silvia Droste likely delivered a captivating jazz performance, possibly in collaboration with the “Jazz Lounge Trio.”

Dr. Ring Ding: Known for playing Ska, Reggae, and Dancehall, Dr. Ring Ding and his band must have brought lively and rhythmic vibes to the festival.

De Platteköppe: This group appears to specialize in covering famous rock and pop hits, performing them in the local language, which adds a unique twist to their music.

Dancing Willow: Performing traditional Irish folk music, Dancing Willow likely provided a festive and lively atmosphere, inviting the audience to dance and immerse themselves in the sounds of the Emerald Isle.

Chris Kramer and his Musicians: Chris Kramer, along with his two musicians, Sean Athens and Kevin O’Neal, offered a diverse musical experience. Kevin O’Neal’s beatboxing skills likely added a unique and rhythmic dimension to their performance.

The Kreuzviertelfest offered something for everyone, from classic soul to jazz, rock, reggae, dancehall, and even traditional Irish folk music. It’s an event that celebrates a wide range of musical genres, ensuring that all attendees could find something to enjoy.