Münster, Music, Promi-Kellnern am Aasee, Jazz and Blues

“Promi-Kellnern am Aasee” was a lively and diverse event in Münster, bringing together music, entertainment, and a variety of people. The Aasee lake terrace provided a picturesque setting for the event, allowing attendees to enjoy the performances while taking in the scenic surroundings.

The blend of Jazz and Blues music would have likely created a dynamic atmosphere, appealing to a range of musical preferences. Thousands of people attending the event signifies the popularity and significance of such cultural gatherings in the community.

It’s interesting to observe different reactions from the audience members. People with funny faces, likely enjoying the music in their own unique way, add to the festive ambiance. On the other hand, runners who might have been more focused on their activity might not have been as engaged with the music. The unexpected arrival of a marching band in the middle of the show would indeed have been a surprising and delightful moment, adding a touch of spontaneity to the event.