High Tide at Carteret Beach, Normandy

The beach of Carteret experiences significant tidal fluctuations, resulting in a notable high tide even when the waves themselves are not particularly large. The coefficient of 86 likely refers to the tidal coefficient, which is a numerical value used to predict the amplitude of tides. A coefficient of 86 indicates a relatively high tidal range, which can cause the beach to almost disappear during high tide.

Despite the potentially challenging conditions, some adventurous tourists still took the opportunity to enjoy bathing in the sea. However, for those unfamiliar with the beach of Carteret and its tidal patterns, navigating the area during high tide might have been uncomfortable or difficult.

Tidal coefficients and their impact on coastal areas can vary throughout the year, so it’s essential for visitors to be aware of the local tide predictions and safety guidelines to ensure a pleasant and safe experience on the beach.