Security Festival in Almere

The Security Festival in Almere was organised by the Security Museum of Almere (the museum no longer exists) and consisted of several demonstrations by the police, army and other security teams.
Urban search: if the building you are staying in collapses, these people will search for you in the ruins and rescue you.
Rescue in water: everything you need to know if the dike breaks and Almere is flooded.
Fire in a building: how do you catch bandits who set fire to a building?
Diving: a naval soldier gives a diving demonstration
Fire with huge flames: the fireman gives a demonstration of fire with huge flames
Police dog and police dog fighting with a gangster: police dogs are efficient animals. If you are a gangster, watch out for the police dogs.
Children: the children were running and climbing everywhere they could: tanks, motorbikes, fire engines, …
Cannabis: some people were growing cannabis in their houses
Exhibitors and visitors: there were many exhibitors and visitors.