Inside the Camping la Gerfleur at Barneville-Carteret

A lovely! Camping “La Gerfleur” in Barneville-Carteret is a picturesque and nature-filled experience. The presence of a pond and the abundance of trees, plants, and flowers create a serene and beautiful environment for campers to enjoy. Being surrounded by nature can be a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, offering opportunities for relaxation, wildlife observation, and outdoor activities.

Camping La Gerfleur is a 3-star campsite located in Barneville-Carteret, La Manche, France. It offers a peaceful environment with well-maintained facilities, including a swimming pool, children’s activities, a bar, a snack bar, and various services such as barbecue rental, laundry, and WiFi access. The campsite provides spacious and shaded pitches, and it is close to the beaches of Barneville and Carteret. Guests can also enjoy a heated pool and access to a nearby pond. The campsite is known for its tranquility and cleanliness, making it an ideal destination for a relaxing camping experience.