Alltagsmenschen – Ordinary People at Hiltrup and in Telgte

A wonderful experience exploring the “Alltags Menschen” (Ordinary People) exhibition in both Telgte and Hiltrup near Münster. Viewing these statues created by Christel Lechner must have been a unique and memorable experience. Public art installations like these have the power to bring a new layer of depth and creativity to a city’s atmosphere.

The concept of placing statues representing everyday people in various locations around the city is intriguing. It offers an interesting way to engage with the environment and encourages people to notice and interact with art in unexpected places. It’s also fascinating how you mentioned recognizing some of the statues based on their names or descriptions.

Experiencing art in different settings, especially outdoors, can create a sense of connection between people, the art itself, and the surrounding space. It’s great to hear that you had the opportunity to visit not just one, but two exhibitions featuring Christel Lechner’s statues.